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1. Repair of axial piston, vane and radial piston pumps and hydraulic motors for harvesters, tractors, fidromi, wheel loaders, excavators, drills, asphalt paver, rollers and others.

2. Sales of new pumps and hydraulic motors with guaranteed quality, directly from the manufacturer.

3. Distribution of spare parts for axial piston pumps and hydraulic motors.

4. Diagnosis and repair of:

4.1 Selskosopanski machines - combines, tractors, hidromichelki, loaders and others.

4.2 Construction - beaten pumps, and other bitonovizi.

4.3 paving machines, rollers, asphalt paver, excavators and more.

5. Regolirane and settings and hydraulic hydropump, according to available engine power of the machine. Set according to data catalog of the hydraulic unit.